Country Ace Hardware has been part of the Granby community since its beginning. Starting out as Wright Hardware,
the company has gone through many name and ownership changes. Other names included Jack Ruelius County Hardware, Morris Long’s Hardware and finally Country Hardware in 1979.

Tom and Kathy McConathy purchased Country Hardware in 2001. At the time it was a True Value Hardware store. Since their acquisition, Country Hardware has gone through a number of dramatic changes. In 2002 they transitioned the store to Ace Hardware and completely remodeled the store. In 2005 they moved from the cramped 318 E. Agate Avenue space to the old Lever foods building which more than doubled the size.

In 2009 the businesses again went through a significant change.  Approximately 3000 square feet of selling space was added to Country Ace Hardware.  The remodel added a Lawn and Garden center and brought the gift and lighting side of Country Home Outfitters down to Ace. In its place Brickhouse 40 opened on the left side of the building, once owned by Amy’s husband Dino, while New Mountain Design (Amy’s brother’s cabinet business) occupies the right side of the building. 

In 2015 Country Ace Hardware saw the business pass to the next generation when Amy purchased the business from her parents.  Today, Amy not only works in the business, but also serves on the Board of Directors for Ace Hardware.  We are proud that our store in Granby not only holds a valuable place in serving our community, but also has national recognition.


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