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thoughts from morris

Hi everyone.

It’s me, Morris. ( Waving paw) (or maybe I am cleaning myself)

Just checking in to let you know how wonderful things are. You all know the story. Sheba was gone for 6 months and I too was gone for a week. Thankfully that is behind us now.

morris and flowers

Anyway, things are great here. My Sheba is not as shy as she used to be. I’ve been showing her all the stuff I do and she’s willing to learn. I taught her how to receive our freight shipments. It’s really not hard, once it is unloaded from the truck we jump up and walk around the tops of the totes. I don’t know what is in all of them but secretly I think they are all loaded with cat food. I could be wrong but hey let’s think the good thoughts. We have plenty to eat. 

Sheba is also helping with our Saturday recycling program. Again, it’s not too hard. We go to the recycling dumpsters and greet the neighbors and of course, help Nancy. I think it’s really important. 

We also patrol the perimeter of the store, inside and out. Again, really important stuff. 

I will never miss an opportunity to get petted. My darling Sheba used to be so shy with humans but she is more open to being petted and loved. 

She is by my side and we work together. (I do have to admit, sadly, that she is a better mouse catcher than I am) Sometimes my feelings get hurt but I am so happy to have Sheba on my team.

The humans that work at ACE Country Hardware and Paint are really nice to us. They love us and we love them. They take care of us and I know we are important to them. morris and sheba in the paint section

The neighbors that come in know our NAMES! How awesome is that? Not like I am wearing a name tag, hmmmmm, well yeah, I am. Amy Kaplanis (who owns this store, got me and Sheba new fancy tags so that everyone knows where we belong) Also Amy takes action photos of us and makes stickers to give away. People are so happy to get a sticker. I learned how to ride a bike and also drive a car! 

Speaking of Amy, she loves us and makes sure that we have everything we need, although sometimes we need to go to Dr Brooks and I don’t like the cat carrier. But I put up with it because I know I will get back to ACE when it’s done. 

ACE is OUR place, we are the helpful hardware cats. We do try to ask “what can I help you find today?” Unfortunately, as I have said previously, not many people speak cat. 

Maybe I will ask Santa this year to get a translator. 

We wouldn’t live anywhere else. This is the best place ever. 

Come in and see our awesome store and of course, pet us. This place has everything you need, and absolutely everything you want.

Bye for now, Sheba wants to patrol and I am always by her side.

Morris the cat


A special thanks to Sheila B,

Our wonderful caretaker. Paw prints of gratitude from Sheba and Morris for your exceptional care and love!

Purrfectly thankful,
Morris & Sheba

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