About Us

Our Vision

To be a beloved institution in Grand County that locals can rely on and visitors must see.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing residents, businesses and visitors to Grand County with a personalized and memorable shopping experience through a broad and unique selection of localized products and services delivered by a knowledgeable and helpful team in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Country Ace is THE helpful place to shop in Grand County.

Core Values



Own It!

  • Approaches all situations as if you owned the store
  • Owns the situation – takes responsibility and action to solve it
  • Does not make excuses, presents solutions not problems
  • Focuses on the details and makes sure all projects are done completely and efficiently
  • Never avoid tough assignments
  • WE take pride in a job well done
  • Never walk away empty-handed

Do the Right Thing

  • Choose courage over comfort
  • Choose what is right over what is fun, fast, convenient or easy
  • Practices Ace’s Values, doesn’t just profess them
  • Chooses to be productive in the store at all times – Always asking “Is this the best use of my time?”

Respect & Support

  • Say what you mean, mean what you say, don’t say it mean
  • Does not stir the pot. Comes to management with issues and does not spread negativity through the team.
  • We are respectful of all team members and neighbors and are aware of the impact of our actions
  • We value the diversity of our team


  • Commit to grow your knowledge to better serve your teammates and neighbors
  • Continually look for new ways to grow sales and team efficiency and make the company better
  • We love to learn, grow, and share what we know
  • Is open to change and not afraid to try new things

Sell it!

  • Always remembers we are here to sell things – our neighbors sign our paychecks
  • Use SALES process ECET
  • Neighbors first, tasks second
  • Treat inventory with care – as if was your own, so we can sell it

Be a Team Player

  • Is willing and flexible to do what the business needs at the time
  • Is supportive of and a cheerleader for other team members
  • Pulls your own weight as well as the weight of others
  • Is proactive in providing assistance when needed and doesn’t wait to be asked
  • Communicates openly and honestly, spreading a positive and consistent message

Amaze Our Neighbors

  • We care
  • We listen
  • We possess a heartfelt desire to serve and exude this desire with confidence and professionalism
  • We own the neighbor experience when they walk into our store. WE view it like we are inviting them into our home.

Work Hard & Have Fun

  • We generate an air of excitement and don’t take ourselves too seriously, yet are always professional
  • Seeks to understand the priority of work and then goes for it
  • Works smarter not harder
  • Is committed to sharing positive energy to make Ace a great place to work and shop

Stay Humble

  • Understands there in so I in Team
  • Believes it is an honor to be able to serve our community
  • Has a realistic view of own strengths and weaknesses
  • Admits mistakes, learns from them and takes action to fix them
  • Can take criticism from others and learn from it
  • Does not blame others and holds oneself accountable

Be Positive

  • Smile
  • Leave your baggage at the door
  • Always assume the best when dealing with neighbors and teammates
  • Choose happy
  • We remain calm and have patience in adverse conditions


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