2021 Hot Dogger Events at Country Ace Hardware in Granby

All dates for 2021 have been filled. Thanks for participating! 


Every Saturday in the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Country Ace sponsors hot doggers out front of our store. We provide the grill, tent, tables, and hot dogs. You, the community group, provides the workers and get to keep any donations you collect! In a small community like ours, we believe that businesses and community organizations need to all support each other in order to have a vibrant place to live and work. Please adhere to the County’s COVID guidelines for the weekend you are Hot Dogging.

On Your Hot Dogger Day, We Provide the Following:
  • 50 Hot Dogs and Buns (if you would like to purchase and bring extra you are more than welcome to).
  • Condiments (ketchup, mustard and relish)
  • Napkins
  • A tent, table, grill and utensils for grilling – all ready to go upon your group’s arrival. Feel free to bring a table cloth or other decorations.
    • Please note the tent will be set up by 10 am. Our only request is that your group be grilling between 11am and 2 pm. If you would like to come earlier or stay later you are more than welcome to.
On Your Hot Dogger Day, We Request the Following:
  • Bring a banner or literature about your group to help educate our community about what your group does. 
  • Bring something to collect donations in 
  • We respectfully ask you to not sell anything at the hot dog stand that we sell in the store. This includes beverages, chips or candy. Homemade baked goods are more than welcome. If you have a question or an idea please just ask. We are open to your ideas and want this to be a success for your group!
  • In return for our support of your group, we ask for your support. To us, one aspect of this means giving us the opportunity to meet any purchasing needs your group may have. With the buying power of over 4700 Ace stores behind us we can be pretty darn competitive in our pricing and we have access to over 100,000 items. Just ask!


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